Ryan Dorsey talks to the Beat’s Lisa Snowden-McCray about his Complete Streets bill

Councilperson Ryan Dorsey in conversation / Screencap courtesy The Real News Network

Baltimore has a transportation problem. In early February, many people were left scrambling when transportation officials announced that the city’s metro would have to shut down due to serious track issues. In the meantime, riders were told they would have to make-do with a $2.2 million emergency bus bridge, to mixed reviews.

The city’s Department of Transportation has also announced that they plan to delay the implantation of the downtown bike network, a plan to add more protected bike lanes throughout the city. City Councilman Ryan Dorsey thinks he has a solution. His Complete Streets bill is aimed at urging the city forward on issues like public transit and bike lanes, although it seems to have been an uphill battle. You can watch the two-part interview with Dorsey below.

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