Baltimore BeatThe Baltimore Beat is the city’s independent voice. We believe in the power and importance of independent media that focuses on city life, and we’re here to be a forum for debating the issues affecting Baltimore—from government and police to art and activism, and everything in between.

The Beat is new, debuting Nov. 15, 2017, but is brought to you by an experienced and diverse team of local media professionals. Editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray, a former member of the Baltimore Sun editorial board, sets the tone, bringing her years of local media experience to the Beat. Deputy editor and arts editor Maura Callahan is the former performing arts and calendar editor of the Baltimore City Paper. Managing editor Brandon Soderberg is the former editor of the Baltimore City Paper. Associate publisher Jennifer Marsh spent more than 25 years with the City Paper and served as its publisher. Advertising director Jeff Stintz has worked in television and print outlets around the city, including the Sun and most recently the BBJ. And publisher Kevin Naff is a longtime city resident who helped launch the Sun’s website in 1996 and more recently worked to relaunch the Washington Blade and later the Los Angeles Blade newspapers.

The people who will bring you the Beat live in Baltimore and have a vested interest in its success. We hope the Beat can play a role in bringing Baltimore residents together to debate the issues facing the city in a thoughtful and productive way.

To advertise in the Beat, contact Jennifer Marsh at 410-925-1157, jmarsh@baltimorebeat.com.
For editorial inquiries, contact Lisa Snowden-McCray at 410-336-2287, lmccray@baltimorebeat.com.
And to reach the publisher, contact Kevin Naff at 410-404-0325 or knaff@baltimorebeat.com.
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