Brandon Soderberg has announced he is stepping down from his position as Director of Operations for Baltimore Beat, a Black-led, Black-run nonprofit news outlet.

Over the past two years, Brandon helped establish Baltimore Beat as a nonprofit newspaper by raising its initial $1 million from the Lillian Holofcener Charitable Foundation. Brandon was pivotal in helping develop Baltimore Beat’s infrastructure. His vision guided Beat immensely, and the organization is thankful for the hard work and dedication he put into this project since its founding. Brandon always intended on stepping down once the Beat was set up and operational.

“My job at the Beat was essentially completed once our first issue was in readers’ hands. It was always central to the Beat’s strategy that I would significantly pull back my involvement soon after launch,” Soderberg said. “After assisting in standing this massive, important project up, I want to give the Beat space to find other people for the team. The Beat was capitalized based on the premise that those who are often empowered need to disempower themselves significantly.”