Letter from the editor-in-chief

Letter from the Editor – Issue 6

In this issue, we decided to mark the end of Baltimore’s hot and swampy summer with a bit of an Autumn celebration. Yes, technically, the first day of fall was last month, but it didn’t really feel like fall—with brisk, cool days and pretty leaves—until the start of October. In these pages, you’ll get a…

In this issue

A Few Fall Cocktails

It’s getting colder and the evenings are beginning earlier, so why not have a drink? We decided to ask a few local bartenders to give us some recipes for tasty fall cocktails, and to tell us a little about themselves, too. Here, you’ll find drinks to warm you from the inside…

Baltimore lights up with lanterns

Autumn in Baltimore means a lot of things: the return of football, a shift in the weather, and, for people in Southeast Baltimore, the Great Lantern Parade in Patterson Park. The parade, held the weekend before Halloween, is always in the evening. It creates a light show of artwork as it winds its way through the park,…

Installation view of Megan Lewis’s work on view in The Beautiful and the Damned at Galerie Myrtis. Image courtesy of Galerie Myrtis.

Baltimore’s Galerie Myrtis’ Beautiful and the Damned

According to the exhibition statement written by curator Myrtis Bedolla, “The Beautiful and the Damned asserts beauty as imagined through the lens of three African American women artists who challenge the notion of the historic limiting and unattainable standards of what is desirable.” The Beautiful and the Damned features the work of Megan Lewis, Lavett…

Around Baltimore

Each person’s share of the police budget is a bit more than $900 each year, and when it’s all added up, residents of the city collectively spend more than $560 million on cops.

Iya Osundara Ogunsina

November Tarotscopes

Get a sneak peak at what’s in store for you this November with Iya Osundara’s tarotscope forecast. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

“The map of this library”

can be found in the back of your brochure,  lines neat and clean cut,  unlike the universe of volumes it holds.  See that space at the center of the library,  where a yew tree has grown with me, supporting the haphazard stacks that wobble and collide each time my train of  thought shifts?  And that…

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