Letter from the editor-in-chief

Letter from the editor – Issue 11

As we prepared this issue for press, Maryland’s first Black governor, Wes Moore, was inaugurated. I knew that this was something I’d have to see for myself, and so I drove to Annapolis along with Schaun Champion, Baltimore Beat’s director of photography, to check it out. It was hard not to be swept up in…

In this issue

Baltimore could see more surveillance as facial recognition technology moratorium ends

Last month, Baltimore’s moratorium on facial recognition expired. Despite concerns about the effectiveness of the technology and research showing the technology has been linked to the over-policing of Black people, the Baltimore City Council allowed the moratorium, put in place in mid-2021, to end.  “There isn’t political will to maintain a permanent ban,” said Kristerfer Burnett, Baltimore…

Art Outside

Public art is essential, especially when art displayed in galleries can often feel inaccessible and uninviting. It exists in a symbiotic relationship between the artist, the environment in which it is displayed, and the audience: those individuals who walk by and interact with the work.  Current Space, a gallery, studio, and…

Community Resources

This Baltimore Beat section aims to help the community with resources and support they may not know are available. We ask people to share this information with anyone they know that could find it helpful. Baltimore Beat would like its readers to know that you will find…

“The Whale” is insincere and exploitative treacle.

When the public learned of Darren Aronofsky’s new film “The Whale,” there was a groundswell of enthusiasm for the project. That early support had little to do with this adaptation of Samuel D. Hunter’s 2012 play being the first Aronofsky feature since 2017’s “Mother!”. Nor was this hopeful energy the result of another successful A24-branded…

Iya Osundara Ogunsina. Photo by Schaun Champion.

December and January Tarotscopes

Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra Seven of Wands + Ten of Wands + The Magician rx In 2022, some of you were thrust into the limelight. This may mean you received a promotion, saw an increase of work responsibilities, or were positioned as a leader or expert in your field. Whatever the case, there are…

“no connection”

i am not your Black stereotypeyes, i am loudand yes, i take up spacei am pissed at the worldand i’ll scream it in your facei read books for leisurei listen to musicjust like your white neighborjust like your white teacherdon’t put me in a boxdon’t confine me to your rulesi am no longer your slaveno…


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