Letter from the editor-in-chief

Letter from the Editor

This issue of Baltimore Beat marks a new phase in a project that began six years ago. Back in November 2017, I began Baltimore Beat to continue the work of the now-defunct Baltimore City Paper. With me, were now-Director of Operations Brandon Soderberg and then-Arts Editor Maura Callahan. We wanted to tell stories that reflected…

In this issue

Black Neighborhoods Matter

For the Eaddys, their home, located in the Poppleton neighborhood, means roots—a place that family can go. Sonia Eaddy said that her grandson, who just got…

“Dandelion” by Brooke Bourne

A poem from Writers in Baltimore Schools

Did you know that I am a dandelion?  My hair grows like a wildflower and is hard to tame  Don’t touch my hair. To me, it’s a prized possession. With it, I’m like a lion with its mane I’m very hard to get rid of, like a beautiful nightmare I am powered by the sun.…

“We’re All Lifeguards”: An Illegal and Legal Overdose Prevention Site

“They Want Us Dead”: An illegal OPS, Jan. 2020 Back in 2020, I hid behind an abandoned building in East Baltimore with three guys who all used heroin together as they tested their drugs, injected them, and made sure they were there for each other in case any of them overdosed.  It was about 8…


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