Baltimore Beat is a Black-led, Black-controlled nonprofit newspaper and media outlet. Our mission is to honor the tradition of the Black press and the spirit of alt-weekly journalism with reporting that focuses on community, questions power structures, and prioritizes thoughtful engagement with our readers.

We aim to serve all of Baltimore City, including those with limited internet access and those who are a part of underrepresented communities.

Our organization aspires toward a more equitable, accountable, and rigorous future for journalism that fully represents the stories of all our neighbors.


We reflect the energy and excitement of the city, its legacy as a cultural hub of Black American life, and the joy of being a Baltimorean.

We are honest and rigorous in our reporting and always speak truth to power.

We believe news should be free and accessible to all and that to achieve this, journalism cannot solely be digital and should not be paywalled. 

We uplift Black people, Brown people, queer people, disabled people, and all those whose work and voice have been actively silenced.

Baltimoreans are among the most politically-engaged—and most frequently ignored—in the country and we will not ignore them.

Journalism should be artful, ambitious, expressive—and approachable.

We do not believe there is a difference between “arts coverage” and “hard news” and understand that art is inherently political

We will provide journalists opportunity, demystify journalism, and address harms perpetuated by pernicious, consent-manufacturing media.

We know that for news to work for everybody, it must first and foremost consider those who are underserved and afforded the least access.

We are fully invested in Baltimore and the people with whom we share this city.