April 21, 2015 / Photo by Brandon Soderberg

While we believe that the news should not be behind a paywall, we do provide our most dedicated subscribers additional writing and insight from the Beat as a reward. In this week’s newsletter, Lisa reminded readers of Kevin Mason, shot and killed by police back in March and I provided tips for reporting on a protest.

You can read a excerpt below:

“The Johns Hopkins University sit-in was more than a year in the making.  It was in February of 2018 that students began organizing in opposition to the private police force—with the first big protest in early March. Now, after a year of dog-and-pony-show “community” discussions, very little engagement by JHU with those who opposed the police force, and as Baltimore Brew reported, a curious $16k sent Mayor Pugh’s way, students and residents are occupying Garland Hall to keep the pressure on JHU and legislature because well, this private police thing is pretty much a done deal. I was present for the start of the sit-in and have been checking in every few days at least and I’ve been thinking a lot about how most of the press is really terrible at covering protest. Namely, they just lack the knowledge and grammar for protest, so I wrote out these fairly simple tips for covering protest…”

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Brandon Soderberg was the Director Of Operations and is a cofounder of Baltimore Beat. He is the coauthor of the book I Got a Monster. Previously, he was editor-in-chief of Baltimore City Paper. His work...

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