Alanah Nichole / Photo by Kyle Pompey

Meet artist Alanah Nichole, whose job as social media manager at Impact Hub Baltimore Nichole is to make sure that people know about all the ways people in the city can utilize the North Avenue incubator space. Learn more about Nichole and her work below.

1. What do you do?: I am technically a transplant into the arts and culture scene here in Baltimore City. Born of the Bronx in New York and a mother adamant about my involvement in theater, dance—I work to highlight my own voice in moments of fear. I founded and currently run Much More Than an Open Mic in Station North (since winter of 2015). I also serve as a house manager at the illustrious Everyman Theatre on West Fayette Street. I am on the ground for Light City 2018, privileged to work as project coordinator with both local and international artists for BGE Light Art Walk. I’m also the social media manager and space activation extraordinaire for Impact Hub Baltimore. I am also a freelance meditation facilitator.

2. Why do you do it?: Many of these endeavors started with my pursuit of artistry as a spoken word artist in the city, post a failed marriage which was survived by two beautiful daughters Blair and Harper. So I also do a little momming.

3. What Baltimore stereotype annoys you the most?: So everyone knows of the sacred chicken box and half-and-half, right!? Okay, cool. So I have been a vegetarian for the past three years, which means I have not eaten chicken for some time. I have also avoided many other Baltimore baby shower and party food favorites including but not limited to Swedish meatballs, hot “dugs,” and other mysteriously crafted meats. Because of this, I am judged very heavily in Baltimore streets. Especially since I’m “thick.” A) We don’t all eat chicken boxes. B) Half-and-half is too sweet!

4. Favorite Baltimorean?: I am a huge fan of fellow transplant Allison Robicelli. She is a baker-turned-food writer living in Hampden, but takes on the “Hon” personality with her own twist. You’d think she was born and bred here from her colored hair to her Doc Martens and acquired taste for many local cuisines. I first learned of her while hosting the Baltimore Book Festival at the Visitors Center this summer. She’s a joy to talk to, and a wonderful mom and wife. You just have to meet her to get it. I promise. It’s between her and Chino, also known as The Boy With The Blue Beard, who also works at a local bar in Mount Vernon Marketplace. His beard is big and blue, but his heart and personality are even bigger. I’ve shared some fun moments with him over the years.

5. Favorite restaurant/eatery?: Dovecote Cafe, Dovecote Cafe, Dovecote Cafe, Dovecote Cafe, Dovecote Cafe.

6. Last thing you bought?: A juicer from Target in Canton and fruits and veggies to cleanse myself from all the Dovecote Cafe food.

7. Last thing you read?: The instructions for the juicer, duh!

8. Last Facebook post or tweet?: “I am Human…I am not a Guide to the city.” Folks have come to know me as quite the socialite and often message, DM, or call me for the next “move” but forget to ask me how I am doing or my kids, etc. Maybe they should pick up a copy of Baltimore Beat 🙂

9. What do you believe in?: I believe that we are all worthy and deserving of the love that the universe has to give us. That we are all magnets for abundance and in turn balance. Each and every one of us has a divine purpose and place to be. And the only thing dangerous is to be outside of the bounds of that purpose.

10. What do you wish you’d known when you were 18?: That I didn’t have to worry about what people thought of me. That being expelled at 16 from Baltimore County Public Schools wouldn’t ruin me but propel me into unmarked but destined territory for every dream I’d ever had to come true.

11. “The Wire,” yea or nay?: When it came out I was deemed too young by my mother to watch it in full, so I still haven’t, but don’t tell anyone, please! I do know enough to carry a conversation about it somehow, though. I usually just blurt out names like Stringer Bell or I’ll say Sonja Sohn and get out of the conversation unscathed.

12. What are you tired of?: RENT. I should be able to pick anywhere on this earth and live without paying a dime. Who made this silly system of good services, supply and demand up anyway? Not my forefathers. It just doesn’t feel right. We should all be living communally like H House up on Calvert Street—at least they share the burdens.

13. What are you grateful for?: Life, health, and strength. For my voice and the air that carries it. For my creator and this divine existence. My mother for always protecting and guiding me. And the young lady at The Gallery Nail Trix in Harborplace. She keeps my eyebrows right.

14. Favorite quote?: “I am worthy and deserving of the love that the Universe has for me.”

15. Best gift you ever received?: Life.

16. Favorite local nightspot?: The Crown. You have to have the veggie ramen, get your drink made by Dion, and dance when Trillnatured is spinning for Version 2.0 or Mr.14th for Big VIBE.

17. If your life were a book, what would the title be?: “Press & Curl – A Guide for Women of Color”

18. What do you want the most?: Freedom to love and be loved and understood by many.

19. What do you look for in a significant other?: That’s a long story—but patience, kindness, supportiveness, faith, desire, passion, adventure, tolerance.

20. Why Baltimore?: Because it’s lit, dummy.

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