Did you know that I am a dandelion? 

My hair grows like a wildflower and is hard to tame 

Don’t touch my hair. To me, it’s a prized possession. With it, I’m like a lion with its mane

I’m very hard to get rid of, like a beautiful nightmare

I am powered by the sun. As long as it’s there I’m here

I’m not a rose that needs to be taken care of and a whole bunch of sympathy 

I’ll make my existence known

I grow straight through the concrete 

I love a challenge and can take your words down on a piece of paper and make them grow with me

I’m like the sugar in your coffee

Without it, your morning will be bitter

Not many people like me but I take pride in my stance

I’m somewhat delicate but as rough as the cold

You may not want to see me

But you just might want to be me 

I am conceited and know my worth and as I wither away, my roots are already planted and you cannot get rid of me

My seeds are everywhere and I will  keep coming back 

No matter how many times you rip me out, my roots will stay the same 

So I’m gonna ask you again and this is my last time asking

Do you know that I’m a dandelion?

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