Give me your hand 

You said as we ran through the Forest

Laughter and nature composing a sweet melody

   To fill my heart content

Days spent 

Cracked dust remains of tears

Where we lay where we’re sat

Forever smiling like

Alice and her beloved Cheshire Cat 

Being with you had always been my 


Desire, desire what an interesting word 


 meaning a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. 

amusing to be honest 


Everyone knows wishes only come true in fairy tales 

Wishing is a pipe dream 

Hoax smoke meant to fill your lungs

Intoxicate a life once serene 

My wish was for us to be together and live happily 

I didn’t realize 

I was high

Unfortunately I do not live in a fairytale 

Nor am I a well

Similar yes 

How I’ll tell

Both filled with liquid 

Only a well’s water 

And mine a crimson pool of tears

Both used to people taking and taking 

I have no peace 

In short time

I will wither I will cease 

My dear lover 

By my side will you please stand

I ask you one last question 


Give me



Baltimore Beat is running poems from participants in the group Writers in Baltimore Schools, which offers programming that builds skills in literacy and communication while creating a community of support for young writers.