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  • Here’s what should be the biggest food-related news in the city right now: The Salvation Army is opening up DMG Foods, a non-profit grocery store in East Baltimore on March 7. Located at 400 East 29 St. (right by the McDonald’s on Greenmount Ave.). On its website,, it says DMG Foods will “combine social service with a traditional grocery shopping experience…social services include nutritional guidance, shopping education, workforce development, and meal planning.” DMG Foods is also currently hiring so head over to the website for job listings.
  • After offering private tours for awhile now (most of which quickly sold out), Suspended Brewing in Pigtown (912 Washington Blvd.) has its grand opening on Mar. 3. The brewery and tavern offers beers in a 3,000 square foot taproom. We’ve heard good stuff about the Persian, “a kettle sour conditioned with Iranian barberries.”
  • More market news: There’s a bit more information about the redesign of the embattled Cross Street Market in Federal Hill (1065 S Charles St.). At the beginning of February, demolition began on the exterior and interior renovations should begin in April-May. Important: Cross Street Market will remain open all through the renovations and redesign.
  • If you haven’t noticed, Trip’s Place & Gatsby’s (1817 N. Charles St.)—formerly Club Choices—has returned to Station North over the past few months with plenty of events including some much-needed after hours events. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, then head over there on Mar. 10 for a Club Choice Reunion night featuring DJ Porkchop and DJ Supa Big L among others.
  • As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Baby’s On Fire’s David Koslowski has been spinning at Idle Hour (201 E. Fort Ave.) for a First Saturday DJ event along with Niko Kwiatkowski. He now has a Mixcloud page that highlights some of these mixes:
  • As the Baltimore Fishbowl reported, nine City Council members have signed on in support of the Reform on Tap Act of 2018, the bill from Comptroller Peter Franchot’s that would loosen craft brewery regulations: John Bullock, Eric Costello, Zeke Cohen, Ryan Dorsey, Bill Henry, Sharon Green Middleton, Leon Pinkett, Brandon Scott, and Shannon Sneed. Mayor Pugh and council president Jack Young did not sign on which hey, is a bit maddening. For those not aware, this should be a small business-supporting slam dunk: the bill helps support smaller brewers and lets them compete with the big brewers by peeling back some absurd big time brewer-friendly restrictions.

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