Air Signs – Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

The Chariot + Nine of Wands + Two of Swords 

Air sign check-in: how has your anxiety been over the past month? Have you been on the verge of an anxiety spiral? If so, it’s time to consider what you’ve committed yourself to over the past month. The nice weather has filled up your social calendar, but you are also seeing an increase in work responsibilities. This can lead you to becoming overwhelmed to the point where you bury your head in the sand and do nothing until the very last minute. You know better, and this month your homework is to say “no” more often. You cannot be everywhere all at once. 

Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Knight of Cups + Nine of Swords rx + Six of Wands

Following your gut will be the key to your success in June, fire signs. Your challenge will be discerning between impulse and intuition. Time to be honest with yourself — do you know the difference between the two, or have you just been moving on autopilot for so long that the lines have gotten blurry?

It’s not uncommon for fire signs to act first and deal with the consequences later, and in some situations that is a useful quality to have. But there are times, like now, when you may have to make a critical decision, and your impulses tell you to do something that overrides that intuitive guidance. Slow down, be more intentional, and try to know how each shows up in your life. 

Water Signs – Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

The Devil + The Empress rx + Three of Pentacles rx

A repetitive message from Spirit is bringing something to light, water signs. When repetitive messages happen, it’s because there are enough of you reading this who are still wearing rose-colored glasses. The Universe has been trying to make you aware of an issue or issues, and you’re still burying your head in the sand. There are relationships that aren’t in alignment with you, no matter how badly you want them to be. Either co-workers that you’ve become friends with or business partners; these people have hidden agendas. If the vibe has felt off, you’re not being paranoid. If you can’t break it off cold turkey, at the very least, start to distance yourself. There’s a clearing taking place. The more you resist, the more traumatic it has the potential to be. 

Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Seven of Pentacles + Knight of Cups + Ten of Cups

The past couple of months have been frustrating for some earth signs; you’ve not seen the return on your investment and efforts in certain areas of your life. Remember that May’s message was about being open-minded and doing less hyperfixating. If you took this advice to heart then you’ll definitely start to see some of the long-awaited fruits of your labor. June should feel like a lighter month in comparison to the earlier half of 2023. Resist the temptation to fall back into worker bee mode. Instead, let your hair down, relax, and know that easing up a bit doesn’t mean you’ll squander your blessings. Celebrate your wins, even the small ones, with your loved ones. You are worthy of being celebrated! 

Iya Osundara Ogunsina is a Baltimore-based Osun Priestess, intuitive tarot reader, cat lady, and true crime enthusiast. She is committed to encouraging and empowering others to have greater self-awareness through shadow work. Connect with Iya Osundara at