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Marilyn Mosby Birthday Jam Session

Jan. 11

In a Baltimore Sun piece looking back at the devastating year of violence in the city, State’s Attorney for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby, along with Commissioner Kevin Davis and Mayor Catherine Pugh, gave the Sun some truly idiotic non-statements. “We are experiencing a new dimension of societal fracture in our city,” she said. “We have to come together to figure that out.” There aren’t enough upside down smiling emojis in the world, you know? There’s more here to Mosby, who on one hand charged the six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, and on the other hand, according to activists, has aggressively pursued Keith Davis Jr. and never reopened the Tyrone West case like she should have. I guess what I’m saying is if you want to look a little out of touch or elite, holding a kind of expensive “birthday jam session” for yourself at Soundstage is NAGL. Anyways, if you’re into Mosby, or organic, neo soul, funk, and blues, then come see Raheem DeVaughn with the Crossrhodes Band, Kindred the Family Soul, and the Crossrhodes Band’s Wes Felton. You can also pay $150 to meet Mosby. Maybe ask her what the heck that Sun quote means and why she, a person with a lot of power, can only say that, “We have to come together to figure that out,” and not you know, help figure it out. 7 p.m., Baltimore Soundstage, 124 Market Place, (410) 244-0057,, $45-$55 ($150 for meet and greet/early entry). (Brandon Soderberg)

Maurice Ravel. Courtesy Wikipedia.

Ravel on the Rocks

Jan. 13

The noble attempts to get more people interested in classical music are really admirable, especially when they make some sense. My sense is that the problem here is not people are dumb now or not interested, but rather that elites and smarmy jerks have elevated the music to some “higher” level, like a lot of things, which intimidates and alienates lots of listeners. I am ostensibly a classical music n00b myself, but when I worked at a record store, I loved telling metal-buying teens that if they liked say, Sunn0))) they might like Wagner or Tomita’s druggy synth takes on Debussy. And sure, there’s the dubstep Beethoven or whatever bullshit where they just fuse a “cool” genre onto the allegedly uncool genre. Then there are things like this event where they just kind of organically add some other things to a night of classical. Basically, here you’ve got music from Ravel and Debussy played by the BSO paired with a chance to ponder some contemporaneous Impressionist paintings courtesy of  The Baltimore Museum of Art, followed by an after-party with gypsy jazz from Orchester Praževica. Also: booze! Lots of “culture” with the stakes lowered a little; sounds great. 7 p.m., Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, 1212 Cathedral St.,, $30-$99. (Brandon Soderberg)


Wednesday 10

Anthem. The Killers, Alex Cameron.

Baltimore Soundstage. Ja Rule, Donnie Breeze, Duck Myers, JayMoney Hackett.

Bertha’s. Whale Show.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Muleman Band.

The Crown. Alcorn/Nace/Corsano, Twig Harper, Anna Crooks & Jarrett Gilgore.

9:30 Club. Passion Pit.

The Ottobar. Karaoke Night.

Rams Head On Stage. Brian McKnight.

Reverb. Matt Pleas, Out of System Transfer, Izzy Stone Band.

Tin Roof. Building The Band.

Thursday 11

An Die Musik. Joy on Fire, Heterodyne.

Baltimore Soundstage. Marilyn Mosby Birthday Jam Session with Raheem DeVaughn with The Crossrhodes Band, Kindred the Family Soul, Wes Felton with The Crossrhodes Band.

Bertha’s. Jeff Reed Trio.

The Birchmere. Vivian Green.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Skyla Burrell Blues Band.

The Crown. Fractal Cat, Juxt, Dave Heumann.

The Fillmore Silver Spring. Ja Rule, PatriceLive, Yusha Assad.

Germano’s Piattini. Coup De Bop.

Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists.

9:30 Club. Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven.

Rams Head Live. Yonder Mountain String Band, The Southern Belles.

Rams Head On Stage. Brian McKnight.

The Sidebar. Psycho Hill, Never Hide, Flying Jacob.

Tin Roof. As If – A ‘90s Tribute.

Friday 12

An Die Musik. Cyrus Chestnut meets Warren Wolf.

Anthem. Walk The Moon, Company Of Thieves.

Baltimore Soundstage. Vivian Green.

Bertha’s. The Juke Drivers.

The Birchmere. Eddie From Ohio, Jake Armerding.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Tony Calato; Sweet Leda.

The Crown. DJ Amsies Presents PUMP with Pangelica.

The 8×10. Splintered Sunlight.

The Fillmore Silver Spring. Michael Jackson VERSUS Prince Silent Headphone Dance Party.

Germano’s Piattini. Russ Margo and Stacey Schwartz.

Metro Gallery. The Last Year, Megosh, Smantx, Fatally Yours.

9:30 Club. The Disco Biscuits.

The Ottobar. Say Anything, Tim Kasher, Backwards Dancer; #FLASHBACKFRIDAYS – Me & Mariah Edition.

Rams Head On Stage. Jeff Richards.

The Sidebar. Sleepers, Swallowed Alive, Pry, Betrayer, Nemesis, The New Reign.

Tin Roof. Nate’s Band.

U Street Music Hall. Honcho.

Saturday 13

An Die Musik. Cyrus Chestnut meets Warren Wolf.

Anthem. The Disco Biscuits, Tauk.

Baltimore Soundstage. AVATAR, The Brains, Hellzapoppin.

Bertha’s. Garnet Hearts.

The Birchmere. Eddie From Ohio, Jake Armerding.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Arty Hill & The Long Gone Daddys; Tempo Tantrum.

Church of The Messiah. North By North East Roots Concert Series: Andy Bopp and The Srung Out, Andrew Grimm.

The Crown. Logicoma, Genie, St Clair Castro, Prison Religion, Melanin Free.

The 8×10. Digital Ethos, Nocturnal Status, Parrotice, Nolweez, Morphics.

The Fillmore Silver Spring. Fetty Wap.

Germano’s Piattini. An Evening with Time For a Change Jazz Quartet.

Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Off The Cuff: Impressionist Masterworks.

Metro Gallery. Eyes Of The Nile – Tribute To Iron Maiden, Master Sword, Dogs & Day Drinkers.

Motor House. Wonderland with Jonathan Gilmore.

9:30 Club. RJD2, Photay.

The Ottobar. Pond, Fascinator; Girls Rule Dance Party with Particol.

Rams Head Live. Say Anything, Tim Kasher, Backwards Dancer.

Rams Head On Stage. Beginnings: A Tribute to the Music of Chicago.

Red Room. Sandy Ewen and Will Schorre.

The Sidebar. Wild Eddy, Shadowplay, Beyond Adonis.

Tin Roof. Advanced Party Solutions.

U Street Music Hall. herMajesty, Honest Haloway, Greenland; Dimitri Max, Joe L., Team Zapata.

The Windup Space. The BPM Experience: The Baltimore Edition.

Sunday 14

An Die Musik. 2nd Annual David Murray Baltimore Big Band’s MLK Birthday Memorial Concert.

Baltimore Soundstage. New Year Kick-Off with Aeoxis, Derty, Q (Mr Baltimore Blues), Common Courtesy, Young Poet, Interstate Drive, Skapparoneday, Mr. Poncho, Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Bertha’s. Garnet Hearts.

The Birchmere. Eddie From Ohio, Jake Armerding.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Steve Kremer & The Bluesicians; Linwood Taylor Band.

Metro Gallery. Restorations, Timeshares, American Television.

The Fillmore Silver Spring. Black Alley.

9:30 Club. Dorothy; Revival: Def Mix DJ Quentin Harris, DC’s Legendary Michele Miruski.

Rams Head On Stage. Max Weinberg’s Jukebox.

Monday 15

An Die Musik. 2nd Annual David Murray Baltimore Big Band’s MLK Birthday Memorial Concert.

Baltimore Soundstage. Graham Bonnet.

The Birchmere. Angie Stone.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Phil Cunneff New Trio.

9:30 Club. Collie Buddz, Jo Mersa Marley, The Holdup.

The Ottobar. Metal Monday.

Rams Head On Stage. Max Weinberg’s Jukebox.

The Windup Space. Horatio Dark.

Tuesday 16

The Birchmere. Tyminski.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Ursula Ricks’ Blues Jam.

The Crown. Karaoke Forever.

The Ottobar. Violet Ripken, Surhoff, Gutless Wonder; Two For Tuesday with DJ Vodkatrina.

The Sidebar. The Big Lonesome, MCI, Matt Ellin.

Tin Roof. The Harikaraoke Band Gong Show.

Wednesday 17

An Die Musik. Nate Hook & Friends.

Bertha’s. Baltimore Songwriters Association Songwriters Showcase.

The Birchmere. Eric Benet.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Rachel & Chick Hall.

Creative Alliance. Panorama Jazz Band.

Germano’s Piattini. Open Mic Night with Mary Reilly.

The Ottobar. Karaoke Night.

Rams Head On Stage. John Sebastian.

The Sidebar. Chris Swartz, Centerfolds, Oh, Weatherly Plans, Rookshot, Face Value.

Tin Roof. Building The Band.

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