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Jan. 18

OK, so pardon the touch of nostalgia here; I supposed everybody gets to a certain age and starts missing things or remembering things a certain way and I’m no different. But there’s a bit of a house music renaissance going on in the city right now by way of say, Teddy Douglass’ events at The Rockwell and other low-key dance nights—all of this despite the death of the Paradox. House never went anywhere here—I remember talking to Ultra Nate and King Tutt just as EDM was absorbing some 4/4 signifiers and they were both unconcerned and intrigued that it might raise profiles—but I think there’s hints of casual Red Maple vibes happening, and that’s a good thing. Dance music nights do not need to be a huge deal or a room stuffed full of people all night to be a party. This week, Mood2Soul, a dance night at Motor House (or since I’m getting nostalgic here, the space that was once Load Of Fun) presented by house label Better On Foot and held down by Discuji, featuring Washington D.C.’s Thomas Blondet, who makes house that splits the difference between the accessibility of say, DFA, and the hard edges of Club Nervous Records. 8 p.m., The Motor House, 120 W. North Ave., (410) 637-8300,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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Marc Avon Evans

Jan. 19

Soulful house music—or OK, soul-adjacent house music; all house music is soulful—is a speciality in Baltimore, dating back to one of the city’s biggest house exports, production crew the Basement Boys. Marc Avon Evans is part of that history and keeps it moving along. On 2009’s ‘The Way You Love Me,’ a grown folks dance hit presented by former Basement Boy DJ Spen and his crew The Muthafunkaz, Evans floats above a lithe house beat and sounds like some hybrid of David Ruffin and Harold Melvin (lots of people compare him to Donny Hathaway and OK, sure, that too, but there’s something grittier about Evans, I think). Last year he put out an EP with Steven Stone titled “Rhythm Romance” with Evans howling achingly over propulsive party beats (start with the track ‘Enough’). Evans `also does jazz, soul, R&B, and whatever else and keeps in the scene as a co-host of Peace & A Cup Of Joe’s Acoustic Thursdays. You’ll hear selections from all of his two decades in music at Creative Alliance—one of those “a night with”-style shows that only certain musicians’ depth and breadth can maintain. 8 p.m., Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., (410) 276-1651,, $15-$18. (Brandon Soderberg).

Josh Stokes (left) and Eze Jackson at Rap Round Robin 2016. Screencap courtesy Thomas Kessler.

Josh Stokes, Mahatma X, Pale Spring, Infinity Knives, Alienood

Jan. 19

If you’ve not heard Josh Stokes’ excellent album from last year, “Who Is Josh Stokes?,” you’ve maybe seen him around, working the music sometimes as part of Crown Conversations or DJing at the Motorhouse or drumming live for Abdu Ali—he’s on of the city’s most exciting musician all-around. Here’s what the Real News Network’s Eze Jackson said of ‘Say Word’ off Stokes’ album: ‘Say Word’ gives you a feel reminiscent of both Prince and George Clinton with synths that take you back to the mid ‘80s a bit. Josh Stokes is no clone, though. His voice and subject matter are all his own. . . . Stokes can handle almost any tempo or topic with the soul of a freaky Southern Baptist choir director who hits the city on the weekends to drink whiskey and party with harlots. His energy is almost Jimi Hendrix-reminiscent in that you wouldn’t expect someone so young to sound the way he does, belting out aged runs and harmonic backgrounds that you find yourself repeating over and over again.” This bill, by the way, is packed with similarly-minded musicians on the bill: Mahatma X, Pale Spring, Infinity Knives, and Alienood (who also curated the show). 9 p.m., E.M.P. Collective, 307 W. Baltimore St.,, $8-$10. (Brandon Soderberg)


Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Subatomic Sound System

Jan. 21

Exploratory reggae producer Lee “Scratch” Perry, who took the genre and turned it translucent in the ’70s, has the kind of career where, you know, producing Bob Marley & The Wailers can be easily forgotten or put off to the side. In particular, there is his run throughout the ’70s both solo (“Super Ape” and its bonkers sequel “Return Of The Super Ape,” in particular) and producing for others—between 1976 and 1977 he produced Max Romeo’s “War Ina Babylon,” The Heptones’ “Party Time,” Junior Murvin’s “Police And Thieves,” George Faith’s “To Be A Lover,” and The Congos’ “Heart Of The Congos”—all reggae classics, all very different. That he is also, in a way, the godfather of lots of electronic dance music including dubstep—of both the brainy dweeby U.K. sort or the Amerikkkan Moby-on-boner-pills wubby kind—is another feather in his cap. Scratch’s latest album, released in the fall of last year and the one he is currently touring, is an extension of 1976’s classic “Super Ape.” Titled “Super Ape Returns To Conquer” and assisted by Subatomic Sound System, it’s an album-length medley of Scratch’s work, a dance-ready way to hear all his records melted together. Openers for Scratch tonight are The Forwards and Bobby Babylon. 7 p.m., The Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St., (410) 662-0069,, $20. (Brandon Soderberg)

Concerts & Club Gigs

Wednesday 17

An Die Musik. Nate Hook & Friends.

Bertha’s. Baltimore Songwriters Association Songwriters Showcase.

The Birchmere. Eric Benet.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Rachel & Chick Hall.

Creative Alliance. Panorama Jazz Band.

Germano’s Piattini. Open Mic Night with Mary Reilly.

The Ottobar. Karaoke Night.

Rams Head On Stage. John Sebastian.

The Sidebar. Chris Swartz, Centerfolds, Oh, Weatherly Plans, Rookshot, Face Value.

Tin Roof. Building The Band.

The Windup Space. Windup Wednesday; Alien Plants from Outer Space Bingo.

Thursday 18

An Die Musik. Rhythminic Accents.

Bertha’s. Jeff Reed Trio.

The Birchmere. Eric Benet.

Cat’s Eye Pub. The Racket.

Creative Alliance. Tinsley Ellis.

The Crown. Jack Topht, Height Keech, Tremendous Athlete, Bobbi Rush.

The 8×10. Chris Luquette And The Old AF Trio, Twisted Pine, Jordan August.

The Fillmore Silver Spring. Jacob Sartorius, Zach Clayton, Hayden Summerall.

Germano’s Piattini. The Max VanDerBeek Jazz Group featuring Lottie Porch.

Metro Gallery. Karl Blau, Mess, Heartwarmer.

Motor House. Mood2Soul.

9:30 Club. Circles Around The Sun.

The Ottobar. Chiffon, Wing Dam, Smoke Bellow, Nerftoss; Heresy: Goth/Industrial Night.

Rams Head On Stage. Junior Brown.

The Sidebar. Purgatory, Atonement, Hivemind, Hellbent, Butchers Dozen.

Tin Roof. As If – A ‘90s Tribute.

U Street Music Hall. Vintage One Year Anniversary Party with Benny The Butcher, DJ Eskimo, DJ Furious Styles, DJ Dub, DJ Marcnfinit, DJ Wildchild DNA.

Friday 19

An Die Musik. Sonic Trip Masters All Stars.

Anthem. Walk The Moon, Company Of Thieves.

Baltimore Soundstage. Dave East, S.U. The Clique, Jazzy Tazz.

Bertha’s. Junior Brown.

The Birchmere. Eddie From Ohio, Jake Armerding.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Rachel Hall & Todd Miller; Nothin’ But Trouble.

Creative Alliance. Marc Avon Evans.

The 8×10. Sunbathers, Luke O’Brien, Wyland.

E.M.P. Collective. Josh Stokes, Mahatma X, Pale Spring, Infinity Knives, Alienood.

The Fillmore Silver Spring. LOCASH, Morrison Brothers Band.

Germano’s Piattini. The Baltimore Mandolin Trio.

Joe Squared. SAVAK, The Effects, Patois Counselors.

Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1.

Metro Gallery. Fire In Elysium, Seventh Seal, Midvale, From Nothing, Reign Of Z.

9:30 Club. BoomBox, Of Tomorrow.

The Ottobar. Emo Nite Bawltimore.

Rams Head Live. Saved By The ‘90s with The Bayside Tigers.

Rams Head On Stage. The Idol Kings: A Tribute to Tom Petty, Journey, and John Mellencamp.

The Sidebar. Lifetime Shitlist, Earthworm Von Doom, Thee Iron Hand, White Hornet.

Tin Roof. Vertigo Red.

U Street Music Hall. Fleetmac Wood.

The Windup Space. 4 Hours Of Funk.

Saturday 20

An Die Musik. SAUD! The Music & Influence Of McCoy Tyner.

Anthem. The Disco Biscuits, Tauk.

Baltimore Soundstage. G Jones, Eprom, Ana Sia.

Bertha’s. June Star.

The Birchmere. Rufus Wainwright, Lucy Wainwright Roche.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Nothin’ But Trouble; Community Groove.

The Crown. Skin Tight Soul Party.

The 8×10. Brokedown Hustlers, Dirty Grass Players, Kendall Street Company, Madison & The Charm City Groove.

The Fillmore Silver Spring. Milky Chance, Lewis Capaldi.

Germano’s Piattini. Gary Rubin and Brent Hardesty.

Metro Gallery. REV909, Will Eastman, Ozker.

Motor House. King of What.

9:30 Club. Now That’s What I Call A ‘90s Dance Party: Volume 4.

The Ottobar. Pond, Fascinator; Girls Rule Dance Party with Particol.

Rams Head On Stage. The Idol Kings: A Tribute to Tom Petty, Journey, and John Mellencamp.

Red Room. Sandy Ewen and Will Schorre.

The Sidebar. Point Blank, the Screws, Glue Traps, Babies With Rabies.

Tin Roof. Soundtown.

U Street Music Hall. Alex Aiono, Trinidad Cardona; Oliver Nelson, Noce, RussellRemix.

The Windup Space. Winter Witching Hour.

Sunday 21

An Die Musik. Ayreheart.

Bertha’s. June Star, Hootenanny.

The Birchmere. Mac McAnally.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Steve Kremer & The Bluesicians; Pete Kanaras & The Hi-Fliers.

The Crown. Constant Swimmer, Community Center, Liberata, Crane.

Germano’s Piattini. Twisted Knickers Burlesque Brunch with The Foggy Bottom Whomp-Stompers.

Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1.

Lyric Opera House. Stephanie Blythe.

9:30 Club. Lee Scratch Perry and Subatomic Sound System, The Forwards, Bobby Babylon.

Rams Head On Stage. Bay Tunes Guitar Rock Band School presents “Legends of Rock”; Cowboy Mouth.

Monday 22

An Die Musik. Monday Jazz Jam hosted by Alex Meadow and Joshua Espinoza.

The Birchmere. Gaelic Storm.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Phil Cunneff New Trio.

9:30 Club. MØ, Cashmere Cat, Darius.

The Ottobar. Metal Monday.

Tuesday 23

The Birchmere. Gaelic Storm.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Muleman Band.

The Crown. Karaoke Forever.

Germano’s Piattini. Roland Park Chamber Strings.

9:30 Club. MØ, Cashmere Cat, Darius.

The Ottobar. Two For Tuesday with DJ Heartbreak Beat.

Rams Head On Stage. Bill Strings, Dirty Grass Players.

The Sidebar. Looming, Pale Lungs, Caraway, Flabbercasters.

Tin Roof. The Harikaraoke Band Gong Show.

U Street Music Hall. Cuco, Helado Negro, Lido Pimienta.

The Windup Space. Brews and Board Games.

Wednesday 24

An Die Musik. Joshua Davis’ Love Salad.

Baltimore Soundstage. Frosty Blue Bash 2018 featuring the Kelly Bell Band.

The Birchmere. The Ventures.

Cat’s Eye Pub. Dogs Among the Bushes.

The Crown. Wavy Wednesday: Open Mic Edition.

9:30 Club. Tennis, Overcoats.

The Ottobar. Karaoke Night.

Rams Head On Stage. Gaelic Storm.

The Sidebar. Misery Love Company, Go/Ask/Alice, I Am Heir, As Embers Fall, Diver.

Tin Roof. Building The Band.

The Windup Space. Windup Wednesday.

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