Ode to the black girl…

your skin ranges from the inside of almonds to the darkness of the midnight sky

 your skin is beautiful and immaculate and unmatched 

though the world tries to tell you otherwise 

people will fear your  heart for it is filled with strength

 oh beautiful black girl

they will try to break you perfectly black girl but you are unbendable 

your skin possesses dark brown to black pigment  within the hair and skin

oh wonderful black girl

your skin makes you look ageless you’re a pure beauty

the sun loves you 

please oh magical black girl know you are worth more 

than gold or silver

yes oh mystical black girl your ancestors were nubian queens 

that fought for you to know your worth

 I salute to you 

my fellow black girl

Baltimore Beat is running poems from participants in the group Writers in Baltimore Schools, which offers programming that builds skills in literacy and communication while creating a community of support for young writers.