Photo by Schaun Champion

On June 2, hairstylist Brittney Evans hosted a Daddy Daughter Hair Workshop. The event, which was held at MAP Technologies (229 Park Ave., [240] 389-4263, was intended to help dads learn the basics of taking care of their daughter’s hair.

Evans told the group she organized the event because her daughter’s dad used to struggle so much taking care of her daughter’s hair. The five dads in attendance learned to slick back their daughters’ hair into a ponytail and then adorn it with a headband (“headbands fix everything,” Evans told the group). The event was catered by Hennrietta Ott of Baltimore-based Hott Creations, so the families could snack on cupcakes, candy, and sandwiches while they learned. Photographer Schaun Champion documented the event. (Lisa Snowden-McCray)