Baltimore Beat is publishing photos from participants in Wide Angle Youth Media, which offers media arts education and amplifies the voices of Baltimore youth. These images are from workshops held at Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School.

Program Manager Beth Holladay said this project was inspired by identity, especially the way issues of identity show up in young people during the years they spend in middle school.

“It calls students in to consider how they identify themselves in different places, with different people. It also makes space for students to identify words or phrases that do not reflect their identity, and to include that in their piece,” she wrote. “This word-driven portraiture seeks to explore identity from multiple perspectives, with an emphasis on intersectional identities.” 

Find out more about this project at (Lisa Snowden-McCray)

Melodee S

KaLeah L Credit: Wide Angle Youth Media
Coreon C.
Layla A.
Taliyah S.