Adjective: priceless

So precious that its value cannot be determined

I’m Priceless

You can’t define my worth to a simple price list 

I keep my head up through tough times, guess you can call me timeless

Get behind it

My mental will never change, call me confident 

It’s common sense, ask about me I’m not incompetent

In present tense 

Can’t be defined by like or as I’m not a simile

I’m so authentic with me there’s no duplicity


My name is Mrs do-too-much when I feel like I’m not doing enough

became my own person, I’m no longer categorized as a rebuff

I’m too tuff

If you haven’t heard I’m a dandelion

my confidence so untouchable, got me feeling like I’m cast iron

Im past tired

everything I do is with intention

So effervescent feel my essence ‘cause my presence is like a present 

I’m adamant 

I know y’all tired of being conceited         

but either get with the program or like Michael Jackson just beat it

This my reason

I will be the first in my family to have the audacity

My ego will be so big it will take up full capacity

I got vivacity

the quality of being attractively lively and animated

I can’t let nothing take me out mind, gotta stay concentrated

I’m never fading

No one’s words will ever flow like mine

ask my mom why I’m so confident she’ll tell you it’s about damn time