Feb. 9 & 10

Years ago, my partner and I decided to celebrate our anniversary by driving to Philadelphia to visit the Mütter Museum, a collection of artifacts, skeletons, and parts in jars illuminating medical history and pathology. There you have slices of Einstein’s brain, malformed fetuses, a corpse that turned into soap (look it up)—it’s creepy stuff. At the time, we thought we were being real original with our romantic date choice, but it turns out that place hosts weddings all the time. All this is to say that the macabre is a more popular gateway to romance than you may expect. This Valentine’s weekend, there are two ways for you and your flame to get shivers (other than the standard Netflix-horror-movie and chill): Baltimore Ghost Tours offers a special trip through local spooky love stories, including a failed fling of Baltimore’s doomed sad boi Edgar Allan Poe; and DSW shoestore-turned-haunted house attraction Bennett’s Curse hosts a themed production wherein an evil spirit overthrows cupid and makes people miserable, or something like that. Think romantic date at the Prime Rib, except more like Prime Ribcage trap in “Saw III.” Haunted Hearts Pub Tour: Feb. 9 and 10, 7 p.m., meet outside Max’s Sidebar, 731 S. Broadway, baltimoreghosttours.com, $22. Bennett’s Curse Presents A Valentine Fear Experience: Feb. 9 and 10, 7 p.m., Bennett’s Curse Haunted House, 7875A Eastpoint Mall, bennettscurse.com, $30-$50.

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