It’s crazy how, when reading their piece,
writers can get in the zone:
they’re on a tear, throwing – nah, flowing –
word after word, hitting the listener’s mind like
a playful friend, or an angry enemy.

Tone making the difference between a happy
brain and a happily hurt one. It’s like – the
satisfying turn of events smacking your brain
in the face if you forget attention and it shows
you a journey.

Sometimes relatable, sometimes

The roller coaster of rights and wrongs in
the roller coaster of catching quick glances
and looking away.
the roller coaster of remarkable catchings,
radioactive callings, reasonable questions,
relay cats, reading cauldrons, red cars, ready
cat-fishers, it’s the Writer’s Captivation.
An aura – like in anime – showing how much
power the writer has, captivation is inevitable
when a writing hero reads their work.

Their superpower is their passion and they
can save people with it, both from boredom
and…desired death.

The writer’s zone is crazy.

Baltimore Beat is running poems from participants in the group Writers in Baltimore Schools, which offers programming that builds skills in literacy and communication while creating a community of support for young writers.