Hey my name is TyOnna I’m going to keep this brief and simple. When I was 13 my mother had passed away. To this day I still can’t believe she’s gone because we was always inseparable and I loved her very much. It’s very hard to live life day after day without my mother. I still remember when I was younger me and my mother would place the Wii and her favorite games to play were bowling and tennis, we would play it in the living room. Out of all the good memories I have with her, losing her is like losing my other half & my heart all in one. Realizing that my mother was gone made me very angry & it broke me. Even if my mother wasn’t here physically I will still find a way to make her proud by graduating. I’m very thankful that throughout all this trauma I was able to overcome and find my passion in writing and turn my stories and put it in writing because it keeps me calm and it expresses me more than I know myself.