Air Signs – Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Eight of Wands + Ten of Pentacles rx + The Moon rx 

How’s your bank account looking, air signs? As summer winds down, Spirit is asking you to rein it in. A lot of you have been living it up, especially during the last month. There’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down and having a good time, but as with most things, balance is needed. Many of you have been avoiding dealing with an emotional sore spot for a while and have been coping by overindulging. You can’t keep burying it and hoping it will resolve itself on its own. With Venus being one of the many planets in retrograde, something or someone from the past may pop up to remind you of this very fact.  

Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Three of Swords + Queen of Pentacles + Queen of Cups

When we think of emotional responses, the image that usually comes to mind is of someone crying. But anger and rage are also emotional responses — and ones you might be most comfortable with. This month, Spirit wants you to remember that it isn’t necessary to burn the world down every time you experience what you believe to be an offense or slight against your character. Furthermore, If you’ve recently dealt with a serious disappointment or setback, it’s not the time to be reactive. Instead, cool off before you respond. Approach the situation in a practical sense; this isn’t about being the bigger person, but the more strategic one. 

Water Signs – Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Six of Pentacles + Three of Swords + Three of Cups rx

Since April, the cards have repeatedly alluded to the fact that someone in your life isn’t who they present themselves to be. It’s a message that keeps popping up because some of you reading this are dragging your feet on cutting this person off. It’s likely that this is a close relationship where you’ve poured out a lot of energy, making the betrayal that much more painful. This could have triggered feelings of shame and embarrassment, causing you to isolate yourself while you process all that has transpired. Your feelings are valid, but enough moping. You can’t keep ruminating over what should’ve, could’ve, or would’ve been. Consider taking a cord-cutting bath to facilitate your healing. 

Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Page of Rods rx + King Cups rx + Five of Cups 

A quality that many earth signs have mastered is masking their true feelings. As a result, it’s easy for them to say they’ve moved on from a particularly hurtful situation because they’ve compartmentalized it into a neat box. In August, a situation or person that you’ve convinced yourself you’ve gotten over will pop up in an unexpected way. This could be an old friend or lover resurfacing, which triggers old wounds you thought had healed. It’s time to deal with those feelings once and for all. You can’t avoid doing this necessary emotional labor. 

Iya Osundara Ogunsina is a Baltimore-based Osun Priestess, intuitive tarot reader, cat lady, and true crime enthusiast. She is committed to encouraging and empowering others to have greater self-awareness through shadow work. Connect with Iya Osundara at