There are only a few gifts out there that are likely to please anyone from your significant other to your grandmother to your tax guy to your weed guy, and one of those is the upcoming 2018 boudoir calendar from the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (the others are “Shrek The Third” on Blu-Ray and a shoulder to cry on). Each month of the calendar, of which there are 13 for some reason, features a sultry photo of a character from rock operas of years past, including “Gründlehämmer,” “Amphion,” “Murdercastle,” “Brides of Tortuga,” “RATS!” and “The Terrible Secret of Lunastus.”

“BROS is very attached to the characters and stories that we’ve brought to life over the years, and we’re always looking for ways we can combine them in other projects,” said BROS Executive Director Aran Keating in a press release. “We think this calendar will be a fun way for people to keep BROS in their hearts . . . and pants.”

Even if you or your recipient haven’t seen any of BROS’ often outrageous, all-original productions (and you should—coming up in February is their collaboration with Arena Players, a double-bill of “Determination of Azimuth” and “The Battle of Blue Apple Crossing,” both about real-life pioneering African-Americans in the fields of mathematics and music, respectively), or have no interest in knowing what day it is, know that the proceeds of the calendars support BROS’ efforts to secure a permanent headquarters and performance space. Right now, the company performs at various venues around the city and operates out the Bell Foundry, from which they were abruptly and temporarily evicted earlier this year by city officials. The Bell is up for sale and they can’t stick around there forever, so they’ve raised $60 thousand of their $75 thousand dollar goal, which they’re trying to meet by the end of the year.

Here you can see a small handful of images in the calendar, which you can pre-order for pickup or gift shipment by Dec. 20 for $20 here.

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