Trunkweed, Gloop, Jim Shorts, Them Animals

Dec. 2

Baltimore’s Trunkweed make thoroughly baked-sounding, loud-quiet-loud rock (with touches a surf and noise thrown in there) that feels fresh and alive and rarely traces over the lines of the bands they clearly love, such as Dinosaur Jr. or The Oh Sees, and are probably the best guitar-based band around, save for Screaming Females. They seem forever about-to-blow-up (and were or are signed to a major label or something honestly good for them, but also who carezzzzzz) and just released a great tape titled “Negative Universe,” with sleepy, explosive songs that will surely sound great engulfing New America. And check out last year’s “You Are A Nice Surprise,” an uncharacteristically profesh full-length featuring ‘Dark Daze,’ one of the group’s catchiest songs that delightfully devolves into guitar screech that would make tall dweeb and screeching guitar hero Thurston Moore jealous. Also on this bill, Frederick’s aptly-named Gloop, plus Jim Shorts and Them Animals, two other Baltimore bands on the same spectrum of Trunkweed. 8 p.m., New America Diner, 429 N. Eutaw St., (443) 388-8576,, $5.

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