Dehd, Post Pink, Baklavaa, and Joe Biden

Dec. 9

Headlining this gig is Chicago’s Dehd, which includes members of the Ne-Hi and makes rumbling and nervous post-punk that’s hard to explain—but you’ll like Dehd if you like Horse Lords at their most bro’d-out and rollicking, or if Finnish experimental band Circle’s 2002 live album “Raunio” meant a whole lot to you but with a more lithe approach to songwriting and, well, more fun. Along with Dehd here you’ve got ACAB hardcore group Joe Biden, brisk noise-poppers Post Pink (also one of the city’s best live bands), and Baklavaa, who are oh wow, pretty much veterans of this kind of jagged noisey hypnotic stuff. What all these bands have in common—or one of the things—is menace, like, pulling in a whole bunch of rage and chaos and energy into ostensibly pocket-sized power pop template. An ambitious, well-curated bill from Unregistered Nurse Booking, known for putting together these kinds of shows, and Wildhoney Production. 9 p.m., Downsquares, 33 W. North Ave., (410) 545-0444,, $8.

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