In the summer of 2022, Wide Angle Youth Media students made digital artworks focusing on the theme of stigmas and stereotypes in the media. The two topics were heavy, but these students used their creativity and digital materials to create pieces that beautifully reflected and illustrated those themes. 

Wide Angle Youth Media offers media arts education and amplifies the voices of Baltimore youth. 

“They analyzed contemporary media, discussed how representations reflect our community, and addressed pervasive and incorrect narratives.” Wide Angle Youth Media’s Communication Director Hannah Shaw told Baltimore Beat. 

Each student chose one artwork that resonated with them from a virtual art gallery walk. Their prompt was to create an artistic response to their chosen artwork, using digital materials to generate a conversation between their work and the artists. (Teri Henderson)

a photo collage with photographs of eyes, black text reads "they're copying us"
Photo credit: Zalthea E.
Photo collage with texzt
Photo credit: Davanye B.
Photo credit: Taylor W.
Photo credit: Jade U.